a community focused, pay-what-you-can model

Paperhouse Studio offers a membership model that aims to expand our community building initiatives. To encourage diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in our studio, we chose to go with a pay what you can afford structure — a sliding scale membership. Artists, designers, crafters and/or any community members and supporters will be able to pay what they can for their membership. A membership grants you access to these following benefits:


  • 15% off classes (including one-on-one instruction and custom workshops)
  • PWYC access to Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists’ Guild’s Open Studio workshops.


  • Access to studio facilities.
  • 10% off Paperhouse supplied materials.
  • 10% off custom project commissions.


  • Opportunity to exhibit in a solo show in Artscape Youngplace’s Hallway Galleries, Vitrines in August for a 2 week period (2 slots available).
  • Exclusive member rental rates for the 2nd and 3rd floor hallway galleries, for solo shows.


  • Free 1 year flex studio membership (valued at $50/year).   
  • Free monthly zine club access
  • 10% discount at Two Penny
  • PWYC Yoga Classes for Artists


​1. Rental rates still apply and a review of skills in the equipment members wish to use are still required.

2. Note flex studio memberships are only available to individual/independent artists, designers, performers, writers, curators, producers, etc. (i.e. anyone who identifies as a creative practitioner). This membership level receives the lowest booking rates on the Flex Studios full classrooms. In order to be an Individual Member of the Flex Studio Membership Program, you must be a professional artist, an aspiring professional artist or non-profit arts professional.

Flex studio available spaces are all 1,000 square feet. Once you’re a member of the Flex Studios program, you can reserve any of these spaces by calling 416-530-2787 or emailing Photos and extended information are on their website – 

3. Zine Club and PWYC Yoga class for artists start in Spring / Summer 2018.