Paperhouse Outreach Collective


Paperhouse Outreach Collective is a Toronto-based group designing artist-led programs rooted in the creating and exploration of paper, print media and community building. It is an ad-hoc collective formed to provide an outreach arm, building on the foundation of the community based programming of Paperhouse Studio. It is comprised of Flora Shum and Emily Cook, the founders of Paperhouse Studio, and art community member Stephanie Taylor.

Paperhouse Outreach Collective’s programming introduces participants to histories of paper and printmaking, as well as the skills needed to create their own paper and print works. We offer workshops outside of institutional education and focus on the integration of artists, learners and community members.

Paperhouse Outreach Collective pledges to create a safe learning space by:

  1. Assisting learners to set and achieve their goal through self-directed educational programming.
  2. Employing art educators who are experts of their respective mediums and are strong advocates of equal opportunity for marginalized and discriminated-against identities within Canada.
  3. Offering programs designed to encourage participants and facilitators to speak from their own experiences in an inclusive, anti-oppressive, anti-discriminatory, safe space.